April 12, 2023

I’ve been finding myself to be increasingly irritable at work. I can feel the tension rising up my back and settling on my shoulders as I make my way to work in the morning.

I have a buddy who likes to distinguish between teachers who say they’re going to work and those who are going to school. Unfortunately, right now, I’m going to work. I love going to school but I don’t know when I was there last.

There are many things at play. The aftereffects of the pandemic, increasing use of technology, changing social norms, puberty, all play their part in this. What really gets me is the seeming lack of self-awareness and empathy. It seems that we overspent on our benevolence and are in a time of attrition. I’m not sure how we are caring for ourselves and others. I don’t know that we know what we’re even aiming at.

I don’t like that I feel powerless when I also feel like I’m working too hard. I felt powerful when I was in school.





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