What would you title the chapters of your autobiography?

About five years ago, I started working on, what I called, a Collection of Recollections. I would sit down at my typewriter and write about something from my past. It was usually about people. I had intended to type it up on the computer and compile it into something whole and complete.

Of course, I never got around to finishing it. It’d be great to finish that project, although, I may need to revise and add things because time creates a distance among memories. Titling the chapters would be an interesting way to approach it.

If I were to write an autobiography, the titles of the chapters could be:

Chapter 1: I’m Afraid of Ursula (from The Little Mermaid)
Chapter 2: I Was One of Two Valedictorians in Grade Six
Chapter 3: We Moved and I Continued Walking Home
Chapter 4: A Bus, A Train, and Another Bus
Chapter 5: Anger Management
Chapter 6: Finland
Chapter 7: I Studied Philosophy, in Quotation Marks
Chapter 8: IT Guy
Chapter 9: I Follow a Girl to Toronto
Chapter 10: A Year to Undo
Chapter 11: Back to School, Again, and Again
Chapter 12: Paying My Own Rent
Chapter 13, Then, I Got Engaged
Chapter 14: Just How I Like It, I’m Learning

This was a rather interesting exercise. School certainly plays a large roll in the image of my past, which I didn’t realize. I should really pull out that binder full of typewritten pages and finish what I started.


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