I signed up for Vocal+ today

This summer was supposed to be full of writing. That was the plan. It’s always the plan.

At the beginning of the summer, I started working through The Artist’s Way because I thought it would help get me out of the creative funk that I was in. I was making video updates to help record and communicate my progress. (I’ll make a video in the next couple of days that explains why I’m not continuing forward with the program right now.)

The summer was supposed to see me accomplish a lot more than just writing and working through a program meant to help me unlock my creativity. I wanted to be creative and do creative things. In the end, it didn’t really happen, but it did kind of happen.

It bugs me, it does, that I haven’t done some of the things that I wanted to do this summer. After such a hectic, stressful, and taxing school year, the summer was my reprieve, my escape into myself, and my outpouring of self-realisation through creative pursuits. Or, something like that.

Simply put, the motivation to do much of anything wasn’t there. Now that the end of summer is visible on the horizon, a little spark has gone up in my psyche, like when you decide to push through during a road trip when you see city lights — you’re still tired but there’s new energy.

Vocal, a storytelling platform, has been sending me multiple emails, encouraging me to sign up for their Vocal+ program. I was waiting until I made some money through the platform before signing up with them, much like I’ve been doing with Medium. Neither is really paying so I wasn’t going to subscribe anytime soon. But, yesterday Vocal sent me an email to sweeten the deal: 2 months free plus a $10 bonus. If I was ever going to sign up for the program, now was the time. So, I signed up.

What I’m looking forward to most with Vocal+ is submitting to the writing contests. They give you prompts to write about and then you go off and write a story. It’s a competition that you can win. It sounds like something fun to do. The best part is that there’s an idea to start with.

It might help me finish that collection of short stories I’ve been working on that’s still an individual story looking for comrades. Anything can happen, really. But, signing up is a small sign that perhaps the creative juices are flowing again, even if it’s still a tap that’s sputtering as it lets the air out.

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