Just an Excuse to Use my New iPad

Yesterday, I bought the new 10.5″ iPad Pro, the companion keyboard, and the Apple Pencil. As you might already suspect, I’m writing this post on my new iPad. And, it’s amazing.

Since the first iPad Pro came out some two years ago, I’ve wanted one. Yesterday, I couldn’t contain my excitement. The only person who truly knows how excited I was yesterday is my sister. She knew so well that she left the library to be home so that we could FaceTime while I opened my newest gadget toy.

Honestly, it’s everything that I want it to be. When the new iOS comes out in the fall, it’ll be even more. This is one thing that I’m totally nerding out on right now. Can you nerd hard? ‘Cause, if you can, I am.

When the first iPad came out, my sister and I each got one. We barely used them. It was a complete waste of money that we enjoyed spending. After that, I passed off iPads as somewhat of an unnecessary extra until my sister bought me the iPad Mini 2. I resisted. I was completely convinced that I didn’t need it and that it was another waste of money.

Cut to two years later and my job is dependent on me knowing how to use an iPad well. You could call me an iPad power user. I fell in love along the way. I use my iPad all of the time. It’s the device I reach for most and keep nearest to me, even more than my iPhone.

With the iPad Mini 2, the one thing that I just couldn’t get was a stylus that worked well with it. The ability to write, and draw, digitally is the one technological invention that I’m desirous of. With this iPad Pro and the Apple Pencil, I can do exactly that well.

Now, it’s never going to replace a pen and paper, but it replicates it shockingly well. The feel is too smooth,  and errors are too easily erased. It doesn’t scratch, the ink doesn’t bleed, and there’s no stack of paper, but, unless you’re a traditionalist, of sorts, you’ll never miss paper again.

I can actually picture myself never having to worry about running off enough copies of anything. I can see myself working in a paperless environment. I’m imagining working with ink and paper as something of a retreat into a quieter workshop, where I have time to think and no deadlines to meet.


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  1. Shemine Avatar

    I don’t think I have ever seen you so excited about something. It was pretty special.

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