The End of Time: 06:51:27

Just over two weeks ago, on a Thursday, my watch stopped working at precisely 06:51:27. I noticed that it wasn’t working properly at around 06:45. It then took approximately another hour-and-a-quarter to make its 6-minute way to its end.

If Only I Could Write On the Pages of a Blank Screen

Years ago, I wrote a post about using my then-new iPad. I tried to find the post in the archive of the many online-catacombs that I’ve dug and filled, but I can’t find it. The post had something to do with the contention between the digital and analog worlds that we navigate. I must have… Continue reading If Only I Could Write On the Pages of a Blank Screen

Austere Posterity

I had a girlfriend once; years ago. She was studying history when we got together first. While driving home one day, she started talking about the impact that email is having on recorded history. We had this discussion when people were almost exclusively using Hotmail as their email provider, and were just starting to use… Continue reading Austere Posterity