Day 15 of 30

The mucus has finally started flowing from my chest and nose. The chicken broth, NeoCitran, and Tylenol Cold & Flu that I’ve been quaffing back over the last 48 hours must be doing something.

Feeling a little housebound, I decided to go for a sauna this evening. Before heading up, I did a quick Google search on the effects of sauna on a cold. It’s hard to believe the research that I read but it did support my evening’s plan.

After about two minutes in the sauna, I was sweating like a sponge being squeezed. For the first little while, I was feeling pretty good. I could inhale through my nostrils again and my cough was less in my chest. Soon, though, I was feeling tired and needed a bit of a break from the heat. I took a quick rinse in the showers and headed back in for another round. I didn’t last long the second time.

It’s strange because the second time usually does last longer. Whatever, I was satisfied.

Now, I’m not going to advocate for the health benefits of sauna. Other than feeling nice, I’m not sure that there’s good science to back up any claims that it will help alleviate cold and flu symptoms. What I will say is that it did, in fact, feel nice. Instead of hanging out in my apartment, sleeping and waking in turn, it was a nice change of scenery without having to leave the building.

I’m pretty dehydrated now, but I’ve got running water in my unit.

This is exactly how exciting my long weekend has been thus far.

The grocery store is open an hour later tonight, so I might do some shopping a little later. I could use to get some more medication and maybe Gatorade. But, I also have an unopened bottle of bourbon sitting on the kitchen counter.






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