30 Posts in 30 Days

Writers write. They don’t wait for inspiration or the touch of a muse, they simply get to work writing. If this is a necessary condition for being a writer, then I’m not one.

This idea troubles me. I often claim that one of my interests is writing, but I also know that I don’t write very often. At the very least, I don’t write often enough. Hoping to change this, I’m going to try to write a blog post every day for the month of April.

When I was into photography, there used to be a thing called, “Project 365”. The idea was that you take a picture a day for an entire year. I think the intention was to explore your photographic creativity at least once a day, getting better at taking pictures along the way. These days, with Instagram, I think that Project 365 is redundant.

In similar fashion, I’d like to challenge my literary creativity by writing a blog post a day for only one 30-day month. I’m hoping my writing improves, too, as a result.

I’m setting simple rules for myself:

  • minimum of 300 words
  • there is no catching up – a post must be posted each day

When thinking about this endeavour, I have managed to convince myself that this is an achievable goal. It should be easy enough to come up with 300 words to say about something every day, shouldn’t it?

Above this line, I’ve written 237 words and I can’t think of anything more to say. The man in the couple sitting next to me on the subway hasn’t stopped talking since I got on the subway four stops ago.

Anyway, I’m just creating filler now. This feels like writing to the word count on a university paper for a class that you need to take in order to graduate.

307 words. Print it and run to class.





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