Day 2 of 30

I woke up on my buddy’s couch this morning. He woke up to go to the gym at around 10:30. I looked at the clock and closed my eyes again. I asked him if it’d be okay if I left while he was out, as if I had any real intention of leaving before he got back.

The last time that I woke up on his couch, I had to drive home to Orillia. Today, I was checking to see how much an Uber would cost to get home. Surge pricing was in effect so I decided to take the subway.

I hate taking the subway home after a night out. I’m always reluctant to leave my apartment if I haven’t showered and brushed my teeth. Taking the subway when you’ve not slept the night in your own bed is the longest walk of shame. There are other people on the subway, who have woken up early and plan to make something of their day. Me, I just want to get home and crawl into bed, after feeding the cat, because you never sleep well on your buddy’s couch.

All of my plans for the day changed. Shoe shopping had to wait until tomorrow. Groceries, too, had to wait and I’ll just have to buy lunch tomorrow. I’m sure that I have at least one pair of clean underwear and a t-shirt to wear until I get a chance to do laundry. My apartment really isn’t that messy, either.

How come there were so many cyclists on the subway today? Why didn’t they just ride their bikes to get to where they were going? There were only three cyclists that I saw but it still seemed like too many.

I don’t like riding a bike, either. It’s exhausting. I’d rather take the subway.





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