Holy F*ck, It’s Already Thursday

I’ve been effectively avoiding my coursework for about three hours now. I worked on a rudimentary budget, watered my plants, did some filing, put away some of the recycling, and planned my day for tomorrow. Now, I’m writing this post.

When I looked up from all of this work, I realized that today is Thursday, and that tomorrow is Friday, and that I have a deadline to meet, for my course, on Monday. Between the now and the deadline, is Thanksgiving long weekend.

Last week was the beginning of October, so I decided that I would start routinely planning my months and days. While work is slow right now, I’m expecting — desperately hoping — that it’ll pick up soon. Until then, I need to keep myself busy and start doing some of the things that I didn’t do over the summer months. So, I needed to come up with a plan.

Remember how I went to Laywine’s last week? Well, while I was there, I looked at planners. I didn’t see any that I could afford, so I decided that I’d use what I already have at home and come up with something. Here’s what I did for October:

I drew a calendar into my diary so that I can keep track of things.
I drew a calendar into my diary so that I can keep track of things.

In addition to this monthly calendar, I make a to-do list at night for what I’d like to do the next day. I put a little box next to the item to receive a checkmark. I don’t have many checkmarks.

It’d be hard to for me to say that I have a lot to do. I mean, for me, it’s too much to do without a plan and still have time in the day for a nap.

But, I’m starting to feel the pinch of adulthood. It’s probably been slowly clasping around me for a while, maybe even a decade and a half, but the nerve endings are starting to fire.

I was looking at myself in the elevator mirror as I was coming home today. I could see three protrusions from my torso — my breasts and belly. I thought, “You’re starting to look like you’re in your early thirties.”

I digress.

There’s just so much shit to do.

You know what else? I have a lot of shit. There’s just stuff everywhere, taking up space. Every time I look at something that is in my way, I think, “There’s got to be a reason why I have it, but why is it here?”

Anyway, if you’re wondering why I decided to draw in a monthly calendar instead of just printing one off or purchasing a product designed for the purpose, the reason is simple: I didn’t want to bring something else into my apartment. I also wanted to feel like I created time.


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