This is What I Think About…

Remember how yesterday I wrote about a piece that I’m working on? Remember how I said that I was forgetting what I had written about? Remember how I said that I still need to finish the piece? Remember how I still need to edit the piece?

Well, tonight, for about 30 minutes now, I’ve been thinking about the best next step. Here are the options that I’ve come up with:

  1. Type out what I have in Evernote, and then edit from there. The advantage is that I’ll have typed out some of the final piece. Plus, I can access it from my phone or tablet when I’m out. I could probably do some editing while I’m typing it up.
  2. Type it out in Word. I like Word as a word processor. I wouldn’t have access to it while I’m out, but how much time do I really have to work on it when I’m not at home? Plus, some of the final piece will be typed up.
  3. Type it out directly in WordPress, where it will finally end up anyway. I can access it from my phone or tablet when I’m out, and some of the final piece will be typed up. I find that edits on WordPress sometimes screw up formatting, so I’m a bit reluctant.
  4. Edit directly on the paper. The question then becomes: which pen and ink do I use to make my edits? I’ve been carrying the papers with me for a while now, so what difference will it really make if I throw another pen in my bag? It’s not the carrying another pen that’s bugging me, it’s which pen to carry and which ink to use with the pen that’s bugging me. It makes a difference.

What are my other options? Why do I have so many options? Why am I typing up this post about what I’m going to do instead of actually getting the shit done?


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