Oh, To Live in Toronto

I moved to Toronto because I want to live in Toronto. For the last little while, it would seem that all I do is work in Toronto. This is problematic because I am, very much, someone who enjoys leisure.

I’m extremely thankful that I do, in fact, have a job in Toronto. My first go ’round didn’t work out so well, and this second attempt of mine is playing out nicely. Despite some overwhelming challenges, I do enjoy having a job in a field that I enjoy working in. I had to make some adjustments to my professional commitments, which has afforded me some more time in the evenings and on the weekends. I was reluctant to make such changes, but I had to give up something in order to be able to focus on advancing my career.

Now, however, I want to start living in Toronto. I want to start participating in the goings-on of the city, creating a richer and fuller life for myself. Maybe I’ll start taking a pottery class or actually visit the museums around town. Maybe I’ll attend writers’ groups meetings or listen to bad spoken word poetry on weekday evenings. Whatever I do end up doing, if I can actually get myself organized enough to start doing something, I want it to be a social engagement, where I can start meeting the people of Toronto.

I’d like to think that the city is made up of people, and without them it would cease to exist. What do I gain from the city, full of people, if I don’t put myself in a position to meet and interact with them?

To be fair, I do interact with the people in this city. My friends and I regularly get together and try a new spot. I avoid running into people whenever I step outside of my apartment, making no mention of the eye contact that we each quickly realized was incidental. I wait in line with people anytime I need to make a purchase. And, well, yes, I meet with people at work every single workday.

But, what of the others? There must be people in this city who are interested in meeting other people who have similar and shared interests. There must be people who want to meet people outside of work and the daily administration of life. There must be people who want to be social, and, maybe just a little, fancy-free.

Even still, sometimes all I want to do is sit down with a decent book and a glass of wine. I wouldn’t mind making the time to write a little more, too.


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