Snow Squall Warning

Far be it for any Canadian to complain about the weather. There is a “Snow Squall Warning” in effect. I had to look up what a snow squall is.

A snowsquall, according to Wikipedia, is “a sudden moderately heavy snow fall with blowing snow and strong, gusty surface winds.” Basically, it’s when it snows in Calgary in June but anywhere in Ontario in the winter. I think the definition should include, “…and all of the roads that will get you anywhere in civilization become parking lots that you don’t have to pay to park in, but you must sit in your car while it remains running.”

In any case, these sudden snow storms cause real havoc for me because I have to commute – it took me nearly three hours to get to the school on Monday morning, and just over two to get home this evening. I’ve been spending a lot of time in my car lately, but it’s good because I’m finally catching up on episodes of my favourite podcasts and the music that I haven’t yet listened to. But, spending so much time driving really starts to bother me when I have to pee. When I have to pee I start to get antsy. I start to think about just pulling over on the shoulder and relieving myself. I’d probably stretch a bit, too.

It’s also good because I get to think about stuff. You know, like, “Why did we all just come to a grinding halt when there is no sign of traffic ahead?” Or, “Did you just change lanes like a jackass because you got bored with sitting in traffic and wanted to see the car that was three cars behind you pass by?” Or, “Will I get a job when all of this is over?” Or, “I could really use a nap, but will that make it difficult to sleep at night? I should sleep over it before I decide what to do.”

But, whatever.

The whole think kind of makes me laugh, because, really, it’s winter in Canada. It’s going to snow and be cold. You’re going to have to change your tires, and dust off your car in the morning. And, yes, it’s going to be something that you’ll complain about without really saying anything that anybody will disagree with.

And, here is what The Weather Network has to say about the whole thing:

It's going to snow for the next few days.
It’s going to snow for the next few days.

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