Oh, O’Keeffe

I went to go see the Georgia O’Keeffe exhibition last Friday night. I was hoping to have gone with someone but, as it turns out, I’m really glad that I went on my own. It was great to be alone, standing amongst a small crowd, with the pieces on display.

Art Battle

Last night, my cousin invited me to an art event. It was an art battle: two rounds of eight artists painting for 20 minutes. Two winners from each of the rounds competed in a third round for the championship. It was a pretty entertaining event. I’d go again.

Day 19 of 30

For all that my experience as an exchange student in Finland was, I walked away from the experience with an appreciation for visual arts. It was during my time there that I took my first art class, bought my first SLR camera, and took my first photography class. I also visited the Fernando Botero exhibition… Continue reading Day 19 of 30

Day 16 of 30

Jason Statham is my favourite action hero. I’ve seen most of the movies that he’s in. I wouldn’t say that he has a lot of range, but I also wouldn’t say that I haven’t enjoyed most of the movies that I’ve seen him in.