April 7, 2024

Without question, I am overstimulated. My head is always buzzing and relaxing is difficult. All weekend I’ve been between my computer and laser cutter trying to get the dimensions of the damn pencil box correct. I thought I was getting closer, but I might be further away. I have to take a break from it.

While scrolling through my news feed, an article caught my eye: Welcome to the wholesome, yet splintered, community of online stick reviews.

I’m envious. I want this for my life. The beauty of wood can be enjoyed naked and unadulterated. There is no need for a workshop stuffed with tools when you find joy in sticks.

Somewhere on a hard drive in my storage unit is a video of clock hands moving around a faceless clock. At the time, I had the idea to capture the mundane aspects of life, looking for the beauty in them. Perhaps I was attempting to make them beautiful. The other video I had was filming my subwoofers banging away but without the audio. The project faded away.

Online Stick Reviews has taken that idea to the next level. Brilliant.


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