Reading Camus is Making Me Think

I’m now about one-third of the way through Albert Camus’ The Myth of Sisyphus. I could’ve probably read half of the Harry Potter series in the time that it has taken me to get through just nearly 50 pages of Camus. I don’t know, though, because, without compunction, I’ve never read or seen any Harry Potter.

Candle Making

I was feeling a little bored yesterday, so I decided to try my hand at candle making. It took me about six hours but it worked, sort of. I made a video for you. It’s fairly long, at 25 minutes, so be sure to enjoy with a cup of tea.

May 22, 2016

Dear Timothy, Please let me apologise for the delay in my response. When you’ve been given time, eternal amounts of it, it passes quickly and is spent on nothing. Any amount of work, no matter how pleasurable, seems not a waste but neither is it urgent.


I’ve washed my hands at least a dozen times in the six hours since this happened. I sincerely hope that the tie-dye t-shirts turn out. There are still four more to finish tomorrow. This happened a couple of weeks ago while planting seeds. I wish I could explain myself.