February 2, 2024

I picked up my new table saw today. Hannah and I went to Home Depot to get it. As we were riding the elevator down to the car, she realised that I invited her along because I might be needing some help to carry it.

I’m terrified to use it. I was terrified to turn on my lathe for the first time, as was I when I cut that first piece of wood with my mitre saw. Power tools can be scary. They’re loud, dirty, and they make sharp shit spin real quick.

Alas, we live in a world full of danger. We have more control over the power tools we use than most other things. There is some comfort in that.

A person pushing a cart with a box.

What excites me most is not the power tool itself but the potential that it affords. I have this vision – not a shamanic one – of what I’ll make with the saw. My first project is to get the pencil boxes done right. From there, I hope to start getting into some larger projects. It feels like the table saw will open up a lot of possibilities.

Hannah didn’t need to lift anything today, but she did need to listen to me prattle on. Six of one….


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