February 1, 2024

Me holding the laser cut puzzle I've been working on. It's a picture of me and Hannah.

Hannah told me that this puzzle won’t count as a Valentine’s Day present because it’s not a surprise. She told me to put a secret message on a puzzle and give that to her on the 14th.

Apparently, I’ve been thinking about how to make this puzzle since New Year’s Eve. Since then, I’ve been tinkering away at the idea, and I finally landed on a workable product today. Feels good, it does.

There are still a few things to fix, mostly to do with the settings on the laser engraver but those things are easy to play around with. Figuring out how to design the puzzle in Illustrator, and then how to open it in the laser engraver’s software took me a while. It’s been a fun process. I like that I stuck with an idea and worked through it iteratively.

So, this is what Hannah’s getting for Valentine’s Day. I’ll surprise her with it because she’s not expecting it anymore.

I’ll be selling these puzzles. You can get your own customized puzzle for $14 until February 14, 2024. DM me for more information.


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