January 26, 2024

Write about a few of your favorite family traditions.

One tradition that I adore is how we all end our text messages with, “Loves.” Every time we send a text message to each other, no matter how long or short, or whether it’s a text thread or quick one-liner, we end the message the same way. In fact, we do this with emails, too.

I’m pretty sure my sister started it. I would love to have kept that first text message, but I would never have known that this is what it would become. Why did she write, “Loves,” and not, “Love you.”

Maybe it was back when text messages were limited to 140 characters. She could’ve been trying to write “Love S,” but had to contract it to save the character. Why did we all copy her after that? We had to have been making fun of her, but which one of us? My mom wouldn’t have.

However it began, it stuck. If say, we forget to write, “Loves,” at the end of a message, we’ll follow with a text message that reads only, “Loves.” It’s a compulsion.

To me, it’s become a minute affirmation of the love we have for each other.


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