January 22, 2024

If you could make your pet understand one thing, what would it be?

I would love for our cats to understand how we display love and affection. We, of course, being people. The hugging, kissing, petting, and snuggling. It’s all love.

In their own way, our cats tell us they appreciate us. They are most affectionate around feeding times. A coincidence, no doubt. The bunting is cute. That little nudge to let us know they want our attention is endearing.

One thing I love most about cats is that they remain true to their nature. We’ve put them in an artificial environment but they retain their primal instincts. They learn how to manage but they don’t reason. This leads to them feeling threatened when we’re trying to help them.

Baths are tricky. Well, Ouli loves playing in the water so he’s fine but the girls are difficult. Genevieve has a poopy bottom that would be easiest to clean in the tub. She fights us when we try to clip her nails. Putting her in water to wash her is a guarantee of scratches. Deep ones, too. I’m sure they’ve found a pencil sharpener.

At night, Eloise curls up at Hannah’s feet. It’s heartwarming to see. Hannah is locked in for the night, however. Any movement will disrupt Eloise who will then bite. When I go to bed, I try to lift Eloise up and place her in an empty spot. She goes right back. She has a bed on the floor next to the bed. All three of them do.

I just want to explain to them that we have all of these wonderful things for them, that we’re trying to keep them clean and healthy, that we’d all sleep better if we stayed in our own beds. In our own way we do by buying new toys, suffering deep scratches, and contorting ourselves when sleeping.


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