September 21, 2023

On Monday, we did the most “big city” thing that I’ve ever done: rooftop yoga.

See, a couple of weeks ago, we signed up for a membership at the YMCA. Hannah wants to go swimming and I…well, I should work out. Going to the gym – exercise, generally – is not something I look forward to.

The classes at the YMCA are good for me because they’re an activity, something to do other than just lift heavy things. We went to that MuscleFit class, which was all right. The yoga classes are harder to get into because they fill up pretty quickly; the instructor mentioned how there were more than 25 people at the session.

I’ve been talking about doing yoga for a good while. Actually going was a bit of a victory. It felt good to go and to go with Hannah. The shavasana at the end felt great. There wasn’t a breath of a breeze and the temperature was just right. It was just before sunset, and you could almost feel the golden light. I was calm.


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