September 19, 2023

I wasn’t present for most of the day. My mind was floating aimlessly; low, like a morning mist. It’s harder to see that it’s there when you’re in it.

I was able to get to the workshop after work. It’s been great for helping me mull. There must be catharsis in the wood shavings. I finished the set of bowls that I’ve been working on.

If you watched yesterday’s video, you’ll know that I found Leopardwood difficult to work with. The results are gorgeous, but it took a fair bit of doing. Next time, I’ll have to rough out the shape of the bowl and then let the wood rest. As the grain was settling, the bowls warped a little. It’s a happy accident but I’d like to avoid it next time.

Maybe the Leopardwood is an analogy for some aspect of life. It’d be something like, “hard work pays off.”

Here are some pictures.


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