September 16, 2023

We moved furniture today. Of course, I woke up late so we were delayed getting started. The plan was to go over last night to get things ready but we never made it. I fell asleep after work. I was out. Cold. By the time I woke up it was too late to do much other than get some pizza and then go back to bed.

We got to the U-Haul place, a FedEx store, and asked to pick up the cargo van. I said that a truck would be too much. When I handed my license over, buddy read my name back to me with an Arabic accent. He’s Iranian. I told him that I’m from Tanzania, from Dar-es-Salam. Truth is, I’ve never even been there. I only found out this past summer that my family didn’t actually visit Tanzania in 1989. That entire African adventure took place in Kenya. My history is a malleable alchemy.

There was an issue with the reservation. We got a confirmation email saying we’d return the van to the same location. He had us booked in for a one-way trip. After commending Hannah on the clarity of the photo she took of my driver’s licence, he phoned someone to sort things out. Things got sorted.

We were now even later for the elevator booking.

Once we got the van, we headed straight to Hannah’s place to pack things up and load the van. It took us a good few hours. The van was tightly packed. Some of the city roads are very bumpy. We haven’t found anything that broke on the journey. I drove annoyingly slowly.

Unloading the van took less time. It kind of reminds me of when we went for a hike in Lake Louise. Before our time was up here, we had pizza and took the dining table, a bookshelf, and the centre table, down to the van to move over to the workshop. I need more organization there.

We pulled out of the driveway to our building, turned right, and then right again. We could see that traffic back up. “On a Saturday?” we both thought. “Maybe it’s TIFF. Is this TIFF? It must be TIFF,” I exclaimed. We took another right. One block later, we were stopped by a protest. We were the first car the police offer didn’t let through the intersection.

Half an hour later, we finally made our way through. There was a protest taking place in response the Iranian governments executing dissidents. Some of the posters were of children as young as seven. It was difficult to get frustrated because whatever annoyance we were experiencing was but an ink spot on a notepad in comparison to the tragedies the Iranian people are facing.

We dropped things off at the workshop, returned the van, and got back home. Hannah proceeded to organize things. All things. This and that thing. Those things, too. I’m amazed at how much energy she has to get things done. I just sat on the couch. I left to go get milk. That we had none was bothering me.

It now feels as thought we are living together. For the last month, it was temporary, a trial run, practice for the big game. Now, there’s a dresser in the bedroom. Tomorrow, we’re hanging shelving on the wall. We had Kraft Dinner for supper.


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