August 14, 2023

In PEI, we went to the original Cows Creamery. We waited in line to get ice cream twice. It was good. I usually get a fruit flavour, which I did on the first occasion, but I branched out and got one maple flavoured scoop and one scoop of a caramel flavour the second time. That’s what makes vacations nice — they get you out of your routine.

Tonight, after dropping my sister off at the airport, we went to MacKay’s Ice Cream, something of an institution ‘round these parts. Again, I tried two different flavours, one was salted caramel and the other butterscotch. They were good, too. The weather has been unusually warm so it felt nice to have a bit of a cool treat. My dad and I shared stories about the racism we’ve experienced in the province on the drive out, just to keep things even keel.

On the last bit, my waffle cone broke and melted ice cream ran down my hand. Sometimes, you have to give a little more than you’d like for an experience you want to have.


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