July 31, 2023

We went to a beach today. It seemed like the thing to do given that we’re taking a vacation on an island. It was stunning. I wore jeans.

This is the first time that I have spent any time on Prince Edward Island and I’m finding myself in awe at every turn. The roads are narrow, the fields are long, and the sky stretches onward. The air smells clean; it’s possible to distinguish the scents that you smell. Cow shit smells different to the saltiness of air coming off of the ocean. Each is fresh and refreshing.

Without a plan for today, we set off in the early afternoon. We needed to sleep in for a bit. We followed the directions given to us by Google Maps after punching in the wrong address. No matter. Another beach was not far away.

Where we ended up took my breath away by filling my lungs. We walked along the beach and then out into the ocean, a good thirty feet, on a sand bar. I had no idea those existed. Wonderment. That’s really the only way to describe what it felt like to look back at the shore a distance away while standing in the ocean, the waves only nipping at my ankles. I had rolled up my jeans so that a thick cuff sat just below my knees and taken off my socks.


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