July 25, 2023

I got out of bed around 10:00 this morning. Well, I got out of bed at 7:00 am to feed the girls and then went back to bed. There are very few mornings when Eloise isn’t pestering me to get out of bed to feed them. If nipping at my toes doesn’t work, she’ll start scratching at my bum through the sheets. Genevieve is clever enough to let her sister do the work.

After having my coffee and writing my morning pages, I played around with Tinkercad to see if I couldn’t get a nut and bolt designed that’ll actually fit together when 3D printed. Before printing them, I messed around with the settings in the slicing software. That took me a bit but not all that long. I was outside, working at my lathe just after noon.

I remember looking at the clock several times, thinking that I should take a break to eat something and drink some water. 1 pm passed, so did 2:30 pm, 3:45 pm, and 4:30 pm, too. Around 5:00 pm, I had finally finished the pen I was working on and decided to take a break before working on another. Even though I was well aware of the time, it felt like it was slipping away from me, like I was completely oblivious to it passing.

I checked on the nut and bolt that printed. They didn’t fit together. After a shower and a snack, I was outside again, working on another pen. It must’ve been near 8:00 pm when I finally called it a day. I sat down at my computer and started tinkering away at the design again and sent it to the printer.

We ordered takeaway for dinner today. We’re leaving for a quick road trip on Saturday so we justify ordering out by claiming that getting groceries would be a waste. 25 days of summer have already passed. It’s always amazing how quickly the time passes. 25 days in June felt like at least a year, maybe even eighteen months. We have the time to cook but it’s just kind of nicer not to. For most of the school year, we were cooking about four times a week, with enough for lunches and leftovers.

The vacation will be good because I’ll be forced to slow down. I won’t have all of my things around to play with. I won’t be able to try something new just to see if it works and then mull over it when it doesn’t. I’ll be away, in a different place, near an ocean. Time will be spent differently in a few days. It will feel different. It will be unfettered, and I’ll be unaware.


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