July 20, 2023

I got a 3D printer today. The new drive belt for my lathe arrived, too. It’s been a busy day of putting things together.

My lathe seems to be working now but it took a couple of hours and two phone calls to my dad. It started to thunder storm just as I was finishing putting it back together for the umpteenth time so I wasn’t able to test it out. Tomorrow, I’ll definitely be out there checking my work.

I just finished setting up my new 3D printer. Well, I think I’m finished. I really have no idea how it works or what I need to do to use it. I’ve got a fair bit of learning to do. I will say that all those hours spent putting Lego together paid off tonight. The instructions were tiny. I mean, the pictures were too small to see any real details. Thankfully, there’s YouTube.

I’m just waiting to see if the printer will print a rabbit. I’ll let you know tomorrow if it did.

I’m too excited tonight to write much more.


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