April 4, 2023

I bought this binder when I was working on Letters’ Lounge, a website I started over 15 years ago. The idea was simple: people write in anonymous letters. I liked the idea a lot. Life got in the way and it never quite panned out. It’s okay, though, because it started me down a journey of discovery.

It’s been quite a long journey so far.

Most recently, my cats, Genevieve and Eloise, used the binder as a scratching post. I tend to let them get away with more than I would an “actual person” because they’re cats and they’re just being cats. People’s intentions aren’t as easy to understand.

In an attempt to clean up a bit, I decided that the binder had had enough. I was tired of vacuuming up little pieces of leather every day, too. I took out whatever papers were inside, took these photos, and then threw the binder in the bin.

I’m quite a sentimental person so objects hold more meaning and value than, perhaps, they should. I must’ve thought that holding on to the binder would help me hold on to my hope of reviving Letters’ Lounge. But then, maybe the purpose of the binder was not to serve that dream but to scratch an itch for my girls. Letters’ Lounge must’ve had a different purpose, too. I probably living through it, now.


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