What’s your favorite meal to cook and/or eat?

Vegetable samosas are my favourite type of food. There is so much variety between what tastes good and what doesn’t. I couldn’t eat them every day but they’d carry me for a while. Incidentally, a student once gifted me a tray of vegetable samosas for a year-end gift. It was wonderful.

When seasoned with some lemon juice and coconut chutney…my mouth waters.

Alas, samosas alone are not a meal. They’re an accompaniment, a welcomed side dish.

Is dessert a meal?

It is.

There is nothing better than an assortment of Indian sweets. Gulab jaman, paraa, and malai caja, just to name a few.

I have no idea how to spell any of them because, I must admit, I rarely order any for myself. My mother is my main source of delectable Indian treats. She is a magnificent chef. My sister and I have been telling her to take orders when she retires. She has no plans to retire soon.

The treats at weddings are never quite as good but they are what’s available while there. Sometimes, the flavours bring forth mouthfuls of memories of their better versions. Oddly, I rarely order dessert at Indian restaurants. I prefer to finish the meal with paan. At weddings, it’s better to sit and eat than it is to dance.

I could do a full meal of vegetable samosas and a selection of Indian sweets.


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  1. Briana Avatar

    I will join you for that meal of veggie samosas and desserts! Sounds so nice

    1. aly Avatar

      There’s always a lot of Indian food!

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