What is the most memorable gift you have received?

I would have to say that the most memorable gift that I have received was a Swiss Army credit card pocket knife. I got it for my 18th birthday from my girlfriend at the time. One of my friends got me a white classic Swiss Army knife for that same birthday.

I still have that credit card pocket knife. The flap to cover the handle of the scissors has gone missing but everything else is there, including the tailors pin. I use it, too. I take it with me when I go fishing, I pluck the hairs that grow on top of the tip of my nose with the tweezers, and that knife will still open a package. I keep it in the bottom drawer of the shelf organizer that’s in the cupboard under the sink. I use it regularly.

The classic Swiss Army knife was taken away from me at airport security. In a rush, as I always was back then, in University, I forgot to pack the knife when heading home at the end of the winter semester. It was flagged when I took out my keys to put in the plastic tray. I’m sure that the security personnel put the knife in his pocket. I often think of buying a new one to replace it but haven’t yet.

I plan on keeping that credit card knife. I loved that girlfriend a lot. I don’t keep the knife for her, though, but because I’ve now had it for my entire adult life. To help me get over her, I put everything from her in a box. Maybe, that knife will one day open it, too.


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