I need a half-inch drill bit

My sister is very crafty. Among many other things, she weaves. She wants a warping board.

I don’t really know what a warping board is used for but it can be made out of wood. After seeing a picture of one, I thought I’d give it a go. I’ve been working on one over the course of the week, a little bit each day.

It’s been great to practice some new skills. Sawing cleanly and in a straight line are a particular focus for me right now. It’s proving to be rather difficult. Jointing pieces of wood is another skill I’m learning.

As of the end of today, I’ve managed to cut the frame of the board and the pegs. Next, I need to get myself a half-inch drill bit to make the holes for the legs to fit into. I also need to figure out how to bolt the corners of the frame together. Once I’ve roughed it all together, I’ll plane it and finish it.


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