New lightbox and a walnut pen

I was only able to make one pen today. My lever for the tailstock of my lathe broke just over a week ago. It’s an easy problem to work around but it’s a nuisance. It took me at least a couple of hours, I think, to fix my self-centring vise today — the knob to tighten and loosen the jaws came loose. Still, I was able to make a pen today.

I made the pen below a few weeks ago but just got around to photographing it. It’s walnut with the RAW aluminum fountain pen kit. I used a CA finish on this one, something I’ve been doing more of lately.

Oh, and I put together a lightbox today. I’ve been using a large sheet of white cardstock, which has been working well. I thought that putting together a lightbox might help me control the light better. These pictures turned out okay but I’ve got to try a few different things.

I’m planning to go to Scriptus tomorrow. It’s a stationery show at the Toronto Reference Library. I’m actually quite excited for it.


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