I like the idea of being a content creator

I’m inclined to think that I’ve written about this before, this “dream” of mine to be a successful content creator. This certainly isn’t the first time that the idea has crossed my mind. It hasn’t happened yet, however.

The trouble with this “dream” is that it’s about as clear to me as an actual dream might be. I have a vague understanding of what I want but the details escape me. What exactly do I want to create? What will serve as the foundation for the content?

These are great questions but I have no answers.

Last night, I thought about how I want to learn more about essays. Of course, I wrote essays in university but I’m not sure I could write one today. This comes off of my idea to turn the focus of my content to writing and how writing integrates and interweaves with the rest of my life. I did a quick search during my lunch today.

I was also thinking about the tutoring business that I still haven’t gotten off the ground. I used to tutor and I know other people with tutoring businesses, so I’m sure I could do it. But, I want it to be something different. What exactly, I don’t know.

Then, there’s the greeting cards that I would like to make and sell. Someone once told me that I would make a good greeting card writer and I never let go of the idea. I would like to but I’m not.

Oh! There was the podcast that I started. Well, I started two. One went on for a bit and the other never got off the ground. I could do that.

Right, and the YouTube videos. I was really enjoying making videos during the summer. Why did I stop?

It would be great if I could make some money through content creation. It would be wonderful, really. I’d probably feel some sense of accomplishment. As it stands, I’m feeling a bit defeated.

I know that I’m aiming at too many targets. One is generally ideal. But, which one? How do I come up with a plan? How do I then see that plan through? How do I measure my success?

I would like to figure all of this out and keep my dream alive.


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