214 Posts Short of 300

Truthfully, I didn’t think that I’d be able to write 300 blog posts this year. It was a lofty, unrealistic goal, sure, but not unattainable. There is no shortage of writing advice to help you write an article in 30 minutes or in an afternoon or enough for two weeks in advance in a single day. More than that, there are people out there who pump out a lot of content over the course of a year. As this year rounds out, I’m really hoping that I’ll at least make it to 100.

See, I gots ideas, I just ain’t gots the knowhow to get ’em out. Rather, it’s the belief in the quality and utility of my writing that often stands in my way. I know that I can do better so I avoid doing what isn’t my best. Drinking helps, but I’m not doing so much of that these days. When my inhibitions are down and my liquid-self-confidence is up, I’m happy to write and publish whatever comes to mind.

I thought that writing more would help me improve as a writer. Practice is the best way to improve at most things. For 300 posts, I’d really have to look carefully at the world around me to find the small details that can lead to big stories. There are stories in everything if you’re willing to dig deep enough to find the keystone that’ll hold it all together.

Maybe that’s where I got it wrong. Maybe I shouldn’t have been looking for the big stories, but for the small ones that animate our lives. I often forget to take stock of the world around me as I go through my days. I don’t live “in the moment” so much. I’m probably missing out on something I want to be a part of.

It’s hard to say what’ll be different going forward, if anything will be. As always, I want to write more. But, my thinking is that I want to create more. I have some ideas about what that’ll look like. I just have to do it.


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