Two pears and garlic paste

It takes about twenty minutes to drive to the Superstore nearest my place. It’s in a different part of town, just outside of midtown, near an inner-city highway. There are grocery stores closer by, within walking distance, but I’m familiar with the isles at this Superstore. I went there tonight to get some groceries, ahead of the week ahead.

There were about fifteen items on my shopping list. I still need to get fourteen of them. I just couldn’t find most of what I was looking for and the stuffed turkey breast that I wanted was behind a wall of stock that was about to be shelved. All that was in my cart when I walked up to the self-checkout was two pears, a bottle of garlic paste, and my reusable carrier bag.

Driving home, I finished the latest episode of 99pi. I learned about ABBA’s costumes. Before that, I learned about the novelisation of movies. There was something else I learned about, too.

The outing was just that, an outing. The intention was conjured up to give me a reason to leave my apartment. Now that the break is over, it feels like life will slowly start creeping back up on me. Eventually, I’ll need to get more groceries. For now, I have a couple of pears to snack on and some garlic paste for when I need it.





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