It was supposed to snow this evening

I checked the weather at around three o’clock this afternoon and it said that it was going to snow starting at around four. At around four o’clock, I checked the weather again, and it said that the snow should start falling at around six. At six o’clock this evening, I had been outside for a couple of hours and it hadn’t really snowed. I say that “it hadn’t really snowed” because there were moments when the precipitation wasn’t rain and was more like snow. It’s near eight o’clock and the weather report says that it’s been snowing since six and will continue until the morning.

I hope it does snow tonight. While I was walking around taking pictures the world felt dreary.

Fresh, untouched snow is magical. Snow transforms whatever it falls on and enlivens those softly touched things by blanketing their details and revealing their figures. It quiets everything down, both the sounds and sights. Snow is indiscriminate and a great leveller. Gnarly tree branches and misaligned steps are all smoothed out and softened. When looking out at freshly fallen snow, the shadows are what give the world its shape.

When I went out this afternoon, I was hoping that I’d catch the world in the midst of a transformation, from its cold, concrete, and hardened exterior into a soft catchment for pristine, unique snowflakes. It didn’t happen. Instead, I could feel drips of cold water falling through the mesh at the back of my hat and my faux-fur hood getting heavier as it soaked in more water.

As I looked around, trying to find the light, seeing the reflections in the water pooling on the asphalt, I found myself recalling memories and recounting stories that I hadn’t thought of in quite some time. Somehow, the world wanted me to see it for what it is when it’s cold and wet and washing itself clean. It was as if I wasn’t quite ready for the comfort brought on by freshly fallen snow.

I took some 135 pictures tonight and I’m not happy with even one of them. Tonight wasn’t about me taking a good photo, I guess, but more about me having the chance to see what my world really looks like to me when it’s not quiet and comfortable. Sometimes it takes a while for the snow to accumulate so there’s nothing to do but be patient and wait until the morning.


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