Buying pens serves a purpose

I’ve had my eye on a couple of pens lately. They’re not the typical fine writing instruments that I would normally pine after. They’re simple pens, meant to be used and forgotten and then replaced.

I don’t need any more pens. I have more than I’ll probably use in the rest of my life. It’s still not enough because each pen that I own serves a purpose. I don’t just buy pens because I need to write something down. I buy pens with an express purpose in mind.

Today, I bought a Parker Jotter for myself. It’s a classic pen, one that I’m surprised I didn’t already own. It’s a ballpoint pen, which I really don’t enjoy writing with, but you can buy a rollerball refill for it, which I forgot to do.

Now that the holidays are here, I have to write a few notes for people to thank them. I went to Dollarama to find some cards. While there, I saw Pilot fineliners, another pen I’m surprised I didn’t already have. I have a number of fineliners because I enjoy writing with them. So, I bought a couple in a single package.

A little while back, I bought some 3D wood puzzles from the Dollarama. I haven’t put them together yet but I keep meaning to. I decided to take a look in the toy section to see if there wasn’t anything else I might want to play with – a new toy. I found a couple of things.

Given that I bought three pens today, I thought I should write something about the experience.


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