I warm up my cat’s food

I love Riel. He’s precious. He’s wonderful. He’s persistent. He’s my buddy. He’s a picky eater.

Riel won’t eat his wet food unless it’s been warmed up. Without a microwave, this is a bit tricky. Twice a day, I have to sprinkle one-quarter of a teaspoon of Restorax onto his food, too. It keeps him regular.

I go through a lot of bowls. I have eight. I’m lucky to have a dishwasher. I use the bowls to heat up his food in a toaster-oven. The food needs to be transferred to another bowl, one that’s at room temperature, so that Riel can eat it. When it comes out of the toaster-oven, the bowl is hotter than the food.

After all of this, he doesn’t always eat his food. Sometimes, it’s not warmed up enough or it’s too hot. Other times, he’s just not hungry.

I keep a bowl of dry food out for him all day. I replace the water in the water bowl at least once a day.


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