Day 23 of 30

The last two days have been good underwear days. Today, as a consequence, has been a bad underwear day.

I feel like I did a lot this weekend, but I didn’t accomplish much. My sister is coming for a visit in a few weeks, which is about as long as I need to get my apartment sufficiently clean. I was hoping to start cleaning today but I’ve only added to the mess.

I had a lot of fun this weekend, though. The weather was great and the people were fun. I met a lot of people this weekend, something I don’t often do. ,eating new people is always interesting, and made easier after everybody has had their first drink. 

I’m sometimes amazed at how much I have to say to other people. Hanging out with adults changes the topics I have at my disposal. 

I’m having trouble trying to come up with anything more to say about my weekend. Certainly, there are aspects of my life that I like documenting publicly. Other parts, however, I prefer to enjoy for what they are, without the distraction of noting what occurred.

My fatigue is probably a large part of the reason for why I’m having trouble coming up with anything interesting to say. I was thinking about giving today’s post a miss but I’m so close to achieving what is a relatively easy goal. Actually, writing at least 300 words a day has become quite a challenge. 

My day-to-day is not exciting enough to come up with so many words. I could do more, I suppose, to give myself interesting things to talk about. If this weekend was any indication of my ability to keep a busy schedule, doing any more would be impossible to maintain.

I just don’t have enough good underwear. 


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