No Heat

There’s no heat in my apartment. I’d take a picture to show you but every picture I take looks like my apartment when it’s warm. It could be romantic. Instead, it’s cold.

Getting home

She bought a bag of grapes and a handful of bananas. Me, I was waiting behind her to pay for my three Jamaican meet patties, a bag of chips, and a jar of salsa. After we had each paid, we met again outside the Hasty Market, where she was searching around for a lighter. I… Continue reading Getting home

I’ve finally gotten old

It’d be easy to argue that I’ve been aging since I was born, some 34.5 years ago. What of those nine months during gestation, when I was but a parasite? We’ll them a growth, but not aging, period. Tonight, I finally got old, though. It happened tonight while I was paying for my groceries. But,… Continue reading I’ve finally gotten old

Day 23 of 30

The last two days have been good underwear days. Today, as a consequence, has been a bad underwear day.

Day 22 of 30

Last night, I went out with some folks I don’t usually hang out with. We ended up singing karaoke. I know people were taking pictures.  It’s nice to go out with new people, from time to time. It’s interesting to watch yourself in new situations, trying to figure out what’s the same and what’s different.… Continue reading Day 22 of 30