Day 9 of 30

It’s been a really lazy Sunday. There’s been a lot of waking up. I usually need to take one day for unfettered sleep each week. Today was a bit excessive, but I’m glad that I slept.

Last night, I met up with a buddy of mine who just moved back to Ontario after a two-year jaunt in Calgary. While we were walking down the streets of downtown Toronto, he asked me why I write about my underwear but haven’t written about him. I promised him then that I’d write about him in today’s post.

When my buddy left Toronto, he was interested in the environment and doing work in environmental sciences. Coming back to Toronto, he’s interested in film and making a career as a writer and producer. He’s a creative type with lots of ideas. I’m never sure where the conversation will go when I see his number come up on the call display.

We get along, my buddy and I. We make fun of each other like we would’ve if we went to high school together. There are a lot of penis jokes and we remind each other of our poor choices. He’s bald, giving me a bit of an advantage.

My buddy has been sober for over four years. I think that’s the longest commitment that he’s ever kept. It speaks to his resolve.

It’s always nice to catch up with someone you haven’t seen in years, especially when you’re friends. There are those awkward encounters when you meet someone you haven’t seen in years and have nothing to say. My buddy doesn’t often have this problem. I don’t know if he’s dynamic or unsettled but he’s always got something new on the go and he likes to share his stories.

I’m glad that he’s back. I just hope I can adjust slowly to his return so that I don’t need a day’s sleep to recuperate after meeting up with him.





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