Dreamlover, Line by Line

Dreamlover by Mariah Carey is my favourite song of all time.

I hope you took the ~4 minutes to watch and enjoy the music video above, in all its 90s R&B, synchronised dancing in a field glory.

Instead of droning on about how I’m single for yet another Valentine’s Day, how it’s the world’s fault and not mine that I can’t find and keep a woman in my life, or about how if people actually talked to each other in public instead of swiping each other in and out of their lives, I’d probably still not be married with children by now, I thought I’d go through Dreamlover line by line.

Tu tu ru tu tu tu tu ooh, baby: Mariah Carey can’t whistle well
(Yea, baby): Yes, babe
Tu tu ru tu tu tu tu ooh, baby: Mariah is still interested but still can’t whistle well
(Oh, yea): She likes what she sees

I need a lover to give me: Mariah needs a person she loves and likely has sex with to offer her something
The kind of love that will last always: She’s talking about a forever love
I need somebody uplifting: She wants someone who makes her feel good about herself
To take me away, babe: She enjoys travel with a companion
Oh yea, yea: That’s is, that’s right

I want a lover who knows me, yea: Sex is often more comfortable if you have a history with your partner
(Ooh, baby): Mariah is getting heated
Who understands how I feel inside: It’s not just physical for her; she wants an emotional touch
Someone to comfort and hold me: Cuddling is a post-requisite
Through the long, lonely nights: You can feel lonely even if you aren’t alone
Till the dawn: Expect a late night
Why don’t you come take me away?: She’s offering you the opportunity to make an offer (take it)

Dreamlover come rescue me: She’s lost and wants to be found
Take me up, take me down: She wants to be taken on a whirlwind tour
Take me anywhere you want to baby now: She doesn’t care where you go, as long as you go together
I need you so desperately: She’s hurting for some lovin’
Won’t you please, come around: She’s not the type of woman who makes the first move
‘Cause I want to share forever with you baby: She’s laying her cards on the table; she’s the commitment type
Tu tu ru tu tu tu tu, oooh: Still, she tries to whistle for your attention

I don’t want another pretender, na: She’s had bad relationships in the past
To disillusion me one more time: People have said one thing and then gone and done the opposite
Whisperin’ words are forever: It’s the things that were said in private that she was made to believe were true that she’s holding on to
Playin’ with my mind: She hasn’t quite gotten over it yet
No, no, no, no, no, no baby: She’s not gonna stand for it anymore

I need someone to hold on to: Mariah is reinforcing the fact that she’s in it for the long-term
(Ooh, baby): The idea gets her excited
The kind of love that won’t fly away: Don’t fuck it and chuck it
I just want someone to belong to: Here, she is a little bit misguided, believing that she needs someone else in order to stand tall on her own two feet
Everyday: 24/7/365
Of my life: She’s pretty healthy, so it could be a while
Always: She’s starting to get a bit needy, but I think it’s more for dramatic effect
So come and take me away: She’s re-tabling her offer for you to make an offer

Dreamlover come rescue me: This is our first reminder that she’s lost and wants to be found
Take me up, take me down: Here, I think she’s starting to yearn for the waves that any relationship will go through
Take me anywhere you want to baby now: She says this, but I think she probably has standards and expectations for any getaway
I need you so desperately: Most guys feel good when a woman says that she wants him
(I need you so desperately): Repetition is good in the heat of the moment
Won’t you please come around: Booty call?
‘Cause I wanna share forever with you baby: She’s starting to feel a little clingy
Baby, ooh, ohh yea: Bedroom talk
(Tu tu ru tu tu tu tu): She now has her backup singers trying to whistle
Baby come and take me: I don’t know a single guy who would pass up this offer twice
(Away, yea): Much needed clarification from her backup singers

Dreamlover come rescue me: She’s starting to read over her sent texts
Take me up, take me down: She wants the excitement of an adventurous relationship
Take me anywhere you want to baby now: She’s agreeing with the plans before she’s thought them through
I need you so desperately: I’ve sent similarly worded drunken text messages
(Ooh, I need you baby): We’ve all thought this about someone who we really didn’t need but wanted badly in the moment
Won’t you please, come around: Persistent.
(Won’t you please, please): She’s hoping you’ll respond…she’s watching her phone to see the ellipsis
‘Cause I wanna share forever with you baby: This type of thing often scares people away…trust me
(Yea, yea, yea): She’s justifying her commitment to you in her head
(Tu tu ru tu ohh, ohh ohh): She just got a new match on Tinder
(I need you so, I need you so): She’s still waiting to see the ellipsis
Take me up, take me down: She’s more in love with the idea of being in love than she is with you
(Take me up, ooh): But, she really wants it to be with you
Take me anywhere you want to baby now: At this point, I imagine that she’d be willing to come meet you wherever you’re at
I need you so desperately: She’s probably checking to see how long it’ll take for an Uber to arrive
(Come on baby): Still no ellipsis?
Won’t you please, come around: She’s definitely wearing negligee, in anticipation of your arrival
‘Cause I wanna share forever with you baby: She’s got some kind of love on for you, man


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