People are just bread

“So says the new guy,” she said.

“You condescending bitch,” is what I should’ve replied with. Instead, I just turned around, away from the conversation, and got back to work.

Ideas are like bread. They need to be fresh if people are going to eat them. Some ideas can be made into croutons, but there’s a short window before the bread becomes mouldy. Croutons, though, if stored properly, last forever.

People who aren’t open to discussing new or different ideas drive me fucking insane. Sure, you have knowledge that can contribute to the conversation, and that’s why I’m speaking with you. To think that you have all of the ideas and that there are no ideas worthy of consideration that you haven’t already considered is just mould on the folds of your brain.

Did you know that yeast is a fungus that is kept alive only long enough to raise bread dough and is then killed in the oven to produce a lovely loaf?

Unthinking people are like yeast.

People are just bread. Baked for nine months, getting stale for some 70 years, some becoming mouldy, and all ending up in a bin or as crumbs. Some people become croutons.

Curmudgeons are like sourdough.


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