Sweaty, Sick, and Sleepless Start to Summer

I broke and bought an air conditioner earlier tonight. I’m not a big fan of air conditioners but it’s become necessary. The heat in Toronto has become unbearable for me. I’m tired of still being dripping wet after towel drying myself off after a cool shower.

I started the summer off with a cold. The last week of school, the cold came on. I thought I’d get over it in a week or so, but it’s been just over two weeks and I’m finally starting to feel better. My nose was dripping as much as my chest and armpits, expect there wasn’t an undershirt to sop it up. I had to blow my nose.

The other issue with the heat has been that it’s keeping me up. I mean, I’m sleeping a more normal six hours, but it’s not enough when you have little to do. Plus, I’ve had to wait until I’m too exhausted to go on before I can fall asleep.

Riel, I feel bad for Riel. He spends the day sleeping. It’s got to be too hot for him, too.

To be fair, I’ve been doing little more than Riel during the day. Mostly, I spend time sitting in my chair, in just my underwear, with my legs spread, complaining about the heat, while watching short clips on YouTube or playing a racing car game on my iPad. After a while, I get tired of this and try to nap. I can’t nap, though, because it’s too hot.

I hope that with some cooler air circulating around my apartment I’ll be able to accomplish a bit more with the rest of my summer.






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