It Kind Of Makes You Want to Fall in Love

Last week was spent celebrating the love of two great friends. So much in love, they had two weddings. One was in Calgary and the other was in Mexico. It snowed on their wedding night in Calgary, and I sweat through my shirt (and pants) a week later in Mexico. Both were absolutely beautiful, the couple and the weddings.

I wish that I were better able to describe how stunning the experience was. But, alas, I’m sitting here on a rather warm night in Toronto staring at a computer screen trying to write about it.

The buddy I was rooming with and I were sitting on the balcony, looking out at the view pictured below, when he turned to me and said, “It kind of makes you want to get married, doesn’t it?” After politely refusing his offer, I joked that if only the internet connection in our room was better we might have a chance with Tinder. We laughed, then sighed, then sat quietly.

This is pretty close to the view of the resort from the balcony in the room I was staying in.
This is pretty close to the view of the resort from the balcony of the room I was staying in.

Cut to the next day, and we’re all dressed in our summer’s finest, drinking cocktails waiting for the ceremony to begin here:

This is where the ceremony took place.
This is where the ceremony took place.

The sun was beating down on us, and we were cursing the name of one of our friends who was smart enough to find an outfit that used shorts. I would have settled for a summer dress, in place of the polyester blend that I was wearing. Jacket, but no tie.

We began waiting on the hay bales only a few minutes after this picture was taken, for the groom to take his place and for the bride to join him. A more beautiful ceremony could not be had. We had all waiting a long time for this wedding to take place, and the searing heat would not dampen our spirits, even if it was melting the ice in our cocktails.

After the triumph and excitement of the matrimonial occasion, we began shedding our jackets. There’s a picture out there of my shirt clinging to my upper body. For now, you’ll have to imagine a skinny-fat brown guy wearing a wet green collared shirt.

After more cocktails, dinner was served here:

This is where we ate dinner.
This is where we ate dinner.

All of the food we ate was organically grown on the farm where we ate. The game came from a farm further down the road. Even the grapes for the wine were organically grown on the farm. Every bite was delicious. It was an oasis in the desert.

All of the fruit and veg was grown here.
All of the fruits and vegetables were grown here.

At the end of the farm, there was this gnarly tree:

I thought this tree looked pretty cool.
I thought this tree looked pretty cool.

Perhaps because of all of the beauty of the place where we stood witness to the union of our wonderful friends and ate delicious food, the joy and love of the evening really swept you away. Surrounded by amazing friends, new friends, and the families of the bride and groom, you couldn’t help kind of wanting to fall in love just long enough to be able to wake up everyday for the rest of your life and turn to the person laying next to you and say, “I do.”

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