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After finishing the day’s letter writing practice, I decided to check Facebook. So, instead of telling you about how I drew the best “7” that I can remember drawing, or about the details on how I’d like each letter and number to look, I’ll do some unsolicited soliciting. (I don’t do much in the way of solicited soliciting, but I’m willing to change.)

A university-friend of mine has started a clothing library and styling service in Toronto. I think that this is a great idea, and one worth sharing with all of youse. I haven’t updated my style since grade eleven, but I did buy a few new items of clothing when Mexx was going out of business.

As a matter of fact, today at work, when my colleagues found out that I am from Calgary, one of them turned ’round and told me that I look like I’m from Calgary. I mean, I was wearing dress pants, a collared shirt, and a sweater, with my hair parted neatly on the right side of my head.

But, enough about my day.

I encourage y’all to check out Pret a Preter, if you’re into fashion and style and lookin’ real good when y’all go to the cabaret. Oh, and if you’re a woman. If you’re a dude with a real need, I’ll lend you a holey sweater of mine.

Spring/Summer 2015


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