“Resolutions” for 2015

The end is nigh for 2014, and as I look toward 2015 I start to wonder about what I might want to accomplish in the 365 days.

Here, for your reading pleasure, is a smattering of what I’m thinking:

  • get my beach bod ready for a destination wedding in May
  • finally finish reading Anna Karenina
  • update my blog more regularly
  • start taking pictures again
  • do extracurricular things
  • save some money, while managing to pay off some debt
  • take online dating seriously, if I can’t meet a woman in person first
  • iron the entire shirt, not just what’s exposed by my sweater
  • really dive into my new career
  • start cooking meals
  • stop being late all the time
  • respond to emails, text messages, and voicemails in a timely fashion
  • make friends with a Torontonian
  • sleep less, do more

It’s going to be a tough year.


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