The Hazlitt Podcast on Truth Telling Blogging

I like The Hazlitt. I think it’s good, Canadian content that readers and listeners should be tuning into. I also subscribe to their podcast, and I just finished listening to the latest episode: The Arcade: Episode 30, More Truth | Hazlitt.

Give it a listen, and a thought. You may also want to subscribe to the podcast, like I do. Then, be sure to cruise on over to their website and peruse some of the online content. And, please, remember most of what the interviewee says when you’re reading my blog. I’m also pretty open.

Now, it’s terribly unlikely that my blog will bring me fame, but I don’t think that this should stop The Hazlitt from contacting me for an interview. Hell, you should contact me for an interview, too. Or, at the very least, you can subscribe to my blog, giving me the perception of fame.


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