I Miss Blogging

I want to blog more this year. In fact, I really want to engage with social media a lot more this year. In the latter half of last year, I stopped blogging regularly, and I think that was a bad decision on my part.

It was a bad decision because it meant stopping doing something that I really enjoy – writing. I like writing about the things that I’m thinking about and the things that happen during my day. I like sharing my stories.

I also like keeping a blog because it helps me practice writing. Not only is the act of writing important to me, I also like learning about what people want to read. Once I stopped blogging regularly, I found that writing was more difficult overall.

(This post is taking me forever to write, and I’ve written and erased the content about a dozen times now.)

In any case, I hope that you’ll join me on this digital journey. Here are links to the social media sites that I’m signed up for:

This should be a good year, and I can’t wait to share it with you.


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