Quiet the actions, uphold the ideas and values

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Doing something worth writing about has been particularly challenging for me, especially as of late. Perhaps, it isn’t so much about the “doing” itself as it is about understanding the value in what I’m doing. As we go about our days, things happen. We are all doing something and are having an impact on the world. Knowing what to write about based on what we do, well, that’s the hard part.

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But, I Can Wear a Mankini

The recent news of a woman who was asked to remove clothing, vaguely resembling a burkini, while sunbathing on a beach in Nice, France, has me in a bit of an uproar. That she was asked by four – FOUR – police officers, two of whom were wearing as much clothing as she was, and was threatened with pepper spray makes the incident – harassment – that much worse. Continue reading “But, I Can Wear a Mankini”

Canada Is An Interesting Place to Live, Tonight

In about three minutes, the results of today’s federal election will start coming in (CBC’s coverage here). In about an hour, the Toronto Blue Jays will try to win a baseball game. The Toronto Maple Leafs are left out of tonight’s festivities. And me? Well, I’ll be studying while all of this is going on.

It’s an exciting night in Toronto, the sporting, geographical, political, economic, and intellectual centre of Canada.

The city is lit! Gonna be an intense afternoon!

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Emma Watson, the UN Women Global Goodwill Ambassador, is at the forefront of a new campaign, HeForShe. It’s not unique for celebrities to take up a cause, attaching their name and peculiar brand of fame to it. This one, for me at least, is important.

To say that I’m actively involved in the issues of gender inequality would be anachronistic. There remains a latent passion in me for the issue, and I’m glad to see that HeForShe has come about. I studied Women’s Studies, a number of years ago, because of many of the same impulses that Ms. Watson outlines in the video below.

For now, the campaign seems to be one in search of solidarity. I hope that over the coming months the campaign will transform into something more actionable than a truly admirable ideal that should already be a reality. Even if it doesn’t, we should all already be doing everything we can toward the achievement of gender equality.


UN Press Release

Video of Ms. Watson’s address at the UN: