April 14, 2024

I went to the shop this afternoon without much of a plan other than just wanting to go. In the morning, I worked on a design for another tea light lantern, but I had my mind set on going to the shop.

Today would’ve been a good day to start working on a figured bowl using the logs that I picked up late last summer. With my reciprocating saw, I started cutting a log up. Every time I tested it on the lathe, it was too far out of balance for me to feel safe. Eventually, I got it down to a small enough size.

As I started turning, my vision changed from a figured bowl to a hollow form. I got a good ways along with it, but still have to finish it. The wood is still very wet so I’m expecting the bowl to warp a fair bit after it’s done. It might even change shape before I get to it next.

It was what I needed to do today. It got me out of my head and thinking about something new but familiar. Turning is always a challenge, I find. On the face of it, it looks so simple, but there’s a lot that goes into it. I love it.


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